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Real Estate Hungary
Cím: Lakatos ut 44/E, Budapest 1184 - HUNGARY
Telefon: +36306943885

Kategória: Ingatlan
Ország: Magyarország
Cím: Lakatos ut 44/E, Budapest 1184 - HUNGARY
Telefonszám: +36306943885
Looking for a home, holiday resort or business investment in Hungary? Search thousands of Hungarian property offers for sale and long-term rent!

Want to buy property in Hungary?

Want to live or invest in Hungary? Want to buy property for yourself or your business? Search our online database for advertised apartments, houses, holiday resorts and commercial properties from all over Hungary. Contact the advertiser immediately!
Perhaps you want to sell a property you own in Hungary?

Our advertisers are professional real estate agents with years of experience in their region, local knowledge and routine. We are at your service, look for us among the advertisers of a given region!

We also offer legal and administrative help for purchasing real estate to resident sboth inside and outside the EU. Should you need architectural or structural revision of a property or a new price estimation, just contant us.
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